Wheat Flour

Adoon Group has established itself as a global player in wheat flour trade through its extensive sourcing capacity from farm gate in various origins developed over the last decade. We are one of the Top 10 Exports of wheat flour, We source wheat flour mainly from all leading producing countries like India, Pakistan and local market. Adoon Group has evolved as the most trusted name in wheat flour industry and trade, and became the preferred partner to most of the customers in China, Middle East, Turkey & India. We are expanding our presents to Fareast, Asia and Europe with the supply of High Quality Natural Hulled and Edible grade wheat flour. We committed to adding value to all the commodities, which are carried through the supply chain..

Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. More wheat flour is produced than any other flour.Wheat varieties are called "clean", "white", "brown" or "hard" if they have high gluten content, and they are called "soft" or "weak" flour if gluten content is low. Hard flour, or bread flour, is high in gluten, with 12% to 14% gluten content, and has elastic toughness that holds its shape well once baked. Soft flour is comparatively low in gluten and thus results in a finer or crumbly texture.Soft flour is usually divided into cake flour, which is the lowest in gluten, and pastry flour, which has slightly more gluten than cake flour.

In terms of the parts of the grain (the grass fruit) used in flour—the endosperm or protein/starchy part, the germ or protein/fat/vitamin-rich part, and the bran or fiber part—there are three general types of flour. White flour is made from the endosperm only. Whole grain or wholemeal flour is made from the entire grain, including the bran, endosperm, and germ. Germ flour is made from the endosperm and germ, excluding the brand.