Adoon Logistics is a provider of professional solutions to customers that use logistics to create competitive advantage. We build our business on logistics competence for the logistics, we are successfully operating in Somalian Ports, some of our major clients Supreme Foods, Inchcape Shipping (ISS),.


Container Clearance

Storage Facility

Crane Services

Air Cargo Lifting

Low bed Services

Land/Sea - Transport

Packing Materials

Fuel Tankers



Logistics and operations 

  • We are providing Freight Forwarding, Ships Chartering & Land Transportation, Custom Clearance services.
  • We offer some Port related Services such as Loading, Off-loading etc.
  • In all our operational bases, we have well experienced & dedicated ground staff which is fully conversant with English language.
  • Our facilities are fully equipped with necessary apparatuses like Cranes & lifts etc. which are required for efficient job.
  • We are having enough sufficient ground transportation fleet & we have our resources to provide this number according to need
  • At some locations (like Egypt), we have the facility of Bonded warehouses which provide us competitive advantage
  • We have Gensets and their clips at Port of Mogadishu. For tackling small problems, a technician is always there.
  • Professional logistic staff is available at Mogadishu & Dubai offices for keeping track of cargo.
  • We are providing oil pure Tankers and fat oil fuel Tankers services.

We take this opportunity to explain more about ourselves and our experience in Supply Chain and Logistics particularly to Somalia.

Adoon General Trading has been in business since 2000, we are diversified Trading Company with offices in United Arab Emirates, Somalia, Egypt and China, we source from all over the world, with a good trade standing in the markets we operate.

To achieve greater control over the Supply Chain and Logistics process – besides procurement we have invested both financial resources and time, acquired valuable experience in maintaining a robust but consistent Supply Chain Process– wehave effective contingency planning.

Aside from our own business which is growing in size and volume, we also serve Prime Vendors for UN Mission in Somalia– AMISOMlike Supreme – who have been awarded the Fuel Contract and Inchcape Shipping Services which have been awarded the Food Supply Contract.We have assisted them in setting base camps, warehouses and have been offering services in supply chain and logistics.

We can offer end to end solution, from procurement to installation at site, complying to UN Regulations and all other International Regulations. We have assets on the ground, we have our own experienced staff on the ground and we have the financial resources to walk the talk.We have built relationship with Suppliers – Food and Non Food and Fuel, Shipping Line and Port and Terminal Operators. We understand the documentation requirements from Customer, Port and Customs and UN perspective– we are aware of the compliance issues.