Sunflower seeds

Adoon Group is one of the world's Top five supplier of Chinese Sunflower seeds, exporting in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Turkey etc. We supply below and above 300-size 24/64 sunflower seeds packed in 25 & 20kg, PP & Paper bag packing & Customize Packing.

We deliver almost 60% of Egyptian sunflower seeds consumption and also have significant market share in other countries. We are expecting volume growth of approx.20% in 2014.

We have strategic partnership with JIAMUSI CITY HUINONG SPECIALIZED GRAIN COOPERATIVES... Such alliances provide us flexibility & competitive edge over competitors. We can store approx. 50,000 MT of sunflower at various strategic locations of the world and fulfil order of any volume immediately. We are dealing with all types and size mainly from China.